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Vladimir Perišić

“Whoever claims that the idea for the assassination came from outside this group,

plays fast and loose with the truth. We are its creators and its executors. We loved our people.

I have nothing to say in my defense.” Gavrilo Princip

Vladimir Perišić


Vladimir Perišić was born in Belgrade in 1976. He studied literature at University Paris 7 and film directing at Faculty of Dramatic arts, Belgrade and at La Femis, Paris. His graduation film Dremano oko was selected for The Cinéfondation Official Selection at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. His debut feature Ordinary people premiered at Critics’ Week in Cannes 2009.



Obala Art Centar


Association Obala Art Centar was founded in Sarajevo in 1984 with the purpose of developing and promoting cultural, artistic and educational activities of its members and other citizens. In its programme the association started from traditional values of artistic creation, particularly in the field of film, fine arts, performing arts and music, as well as advanced philosophical thought.  In 1995, Obala Art Centar established the Sarajevo Film Festival, which has since then become one of the key cultural events in the region of Southeast Europe. Today, besides the annual film festival organization, Obala Art Centar produces and distributes films, runs an art-house cinema and organizes different educational activities, mostly in the field of media and visual literacy.


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Vladimir Perišić



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