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Isild Le Besco


The child is alone, he's five years old. His home is his grandmother's home.

She is the one who takes care of him.

He's wandering around the city to feed the puppies on the street and to go to piano and karaté.

At Vječna Vatra he warms up his hands close to the fire. Then he goes back home by tramway.

It's night, he's alone again in the fog of Sarajevo.

Isild Le Besco


Isild Le Besco was born in Paris in 1982. Actress, notably for Benoît Jacquot with whom she has shot six films, Isild Le Besco started directing herself in 2003, signing Half-Price, an original work shot from the child characters’ perspective and unanimously hailed by the critics. Three years later, she shot Charly, followed by Bas-Fonds, a frontal film based on true events selected at Locarno in 2010.





An independent audiovisual production company set up in 1982 by Fabienne Servan Schreiber, who has been director of the company ever since.

The company has produced over 400 hours of international award-winning programmes: theatrically released feature films, feature-length documentary and fictions, prime-time television dramas, documentary reports, live performance recordings, television magazines, short programmes and new media.

In the field of cinema, we may notably cite: Calle 54, a music feature film by Emmy award-winner Fernando Trueba, voted 3rd Best Film of the Year by the New York Times in 2000, distributed by Miramax in the USA, and selected at Venice and Toronto; Daughter of Keltoum, by Mehdi Charef, selected at the Toronto Film Festival in 2001; and Vivre me tue, by Jean-Pierre Sinapi, selected at the San Sebastian Festival in 2002 and 1st Prize winner at the Cabourg Festival in 2003.

And, in the field of collective films: Lumière and Company, which brought together 40 directors in homage to the cinema of the Lumière Brothers, including David Lynch, Spike Lee, James Ivory, John Boorman, Michael Haneke, Arthur Penn, Oshima and Yang Zi-Mou. Selected in over 40 festivals; and Visual Telegrams, 30 filmmakers for the environment, including Fatih Akin, Rachid Bouchareb, Isabel Coixet, Ronit Elkabetz, Amos Gitaï, Elia Suleiman, Jaco Van Dormael and Jia ZangKe, presented at the Copenhagen Climate Conference (2009) under the patronage of the UN.



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Isild Le Besco



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